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Gloucestershire Balloonatics

What We Offer


Our Packages

Thinking of something that will spice up your event? The balloon packages offered by Gloucestershire Balloonatics are the answer! We cater to clients all over Gloucestershire, and a large area of the South West. 

Package 1, £300

We offer the right mix to add some colour and lasting impressions to your event. Our first package includes:

  • 1 Bubble Centrepiece: Company Name (1 Colour)
  • 2 Columns
  • 5 Balloon Centrepieces

The Bubble Balloon Centrepiece

The bubble balloon centrepiece can be a great entrance focal point. It can be even used as a perfect addition to any area that needs interest. The bubble balloon sits at a height of around 3 to 4 feet; hence, it can be used as a centrepiece with no obstructions. Ribbons and foil balloons can be added, too, to make them a little more interesting.

Balloon Columns

Our balloon columns can be used both indoors and outdoors. Framing a doorway, they provide a fabulous entrance to your guests. Even DJs can use them as a focal point or gateway to the dance floor!

Balloon Centrepieces

Our five centrepieces come in either helium- or air-filled balloons. They are great accessories for tables and many more. The balloons are placed around 25” above the tables, thus, there are no obstructed views and the guests can comfortably interact with each other. Each bouquet is made up of 4x11” latex and 1x16” foil topper.


Arch, £50

We replace columns with a classic-sized arch (10x10 average).

Supersize Columns, £55

These columns can reach as high as 12 feet, fabulous for larger open spaces.

Topiary Trees, £90

Topiary trees come in pairs and are a great addition to line walkways as you welcome your guests. Standing around 7 feet high with streaming ribbons, these are a better option to helium-filled balloons. The matching ribbons added to these topiary trees create beautiful movement in the wind. Although topiary trees are usually set in grass, we do have basses if no grass or soft ground is available.

We also offer:

  • Additional Helium Bouquets, £22
  • Additional Bubble Centrepieces, £45
  • Bubble Centrepiece Options
  • Additional Lights, £10
  • Handcrafted Bows, £7.50
  • Small Balloons Inside a Bubble, £10
  • Foil Add-Ons (Stars, Hearts, Letters, and Numbers), £7

Package 2, £350

The all-sports package is designed as a basic starter kit for any celebration. Low quantities allow you to choose your desired look for your venue. Our second package includes:

  • 1 Classic Arch
  • 2 Bubble Centrepieces for Welcome Table
  • 6 Air- or Helium-Filled Balloon Centrepieces


Large Arch, £75

Our classic arches are approximately 20 linear feet, but can be increased up to 30 linear feet. Although the classic arch is great for photos and entranceways, the larger arch is better for accommodating a larger amount of guests or for hosting events in larger open spaces.

Topiary Trees, £90

Our topiary trees, which come in pairs, are a great enhancement to entrance pathways. These trees also stand around 7 feet high with streaming ribbons. We also offer basses if no grass or soft ground is available.

Package 3

Our budget package is the perfect setup to brighten up the room. This budget-friendly package has a little of everything you need, such as:

  • 1 Topiary Tree With 2 Colours and Ribbons
  • 1 Bubble Centrepiece With Your Company Name or Personal Name (One Colour)
  • 2 Centrepieces With 2 Latex Balloons and a Star


Additional Centrepieces, £12.50

Centrepieces consist of 2x 11” latex balloon and a foil star. A foil star can be replaced by a heart or 18″ printed foil of your choice to add to your celebration. Let us know a design or whatever you have in mind and we will send options to you.

Additional Topiary Trees, £90

Coming in pairs and standing around 7 feet, topiary trees are a perfect way to spruce up an entrance. These trees also come with streaming ribbons. We also offer basses if no grass or soft ground is available.

Additional Bubble Centrepieces - £35

Package 4, £250

Our awards celebration package is the perfect start to an annual breakfast or small celebration. This package includes:

  • 1 Bubble Centrepiece for the Main Table With Your Company Name or Personal Name (1 Colour)
  • 2 Columns
  • 3 7-Balloon Centrepieces

Special pricing on additional balloons are only available with a package purchase.


  • Arch Upgrade, £55
  • Supersize Column Upgrade, £35
  • Topiary Trees, £90
  • Bubble Balloon Centrepiece, £45

Package 5, £250

Our company meeting package is a great assortment for all kinds of meetings. This package includes:

  • 1 Bubble Centrepiece for the Main Table With Your Company Name (1 Colour)
  • 2 Topiary Trees for the Entrance
  • 5 Air- or Helium-Filled Balloon Centrepieces


  • Additional Centrepieces, £12.50

  • Additional Topiary Trees, £90

  • Additional Bubble Balloon Centrepiece, £40

  • Additional Lights, £7.50

  • Handcrafted Bows, £5

  • Small Balloons Inside a Bubble Balloon, £6

Package 6, £125

This basic corporate package, which is ideal for small business meetings and small personal gatherings, includes:

  • 1 Topiary Tree
  • 2 Bouquets With 5 Balloons


  • 2 Topiary Trees, £90

  • 5 Balloon Bouquets, £22.50


All of our packages come with clean-up services listed below.

Client Will Clean Up

Choosing this option will let us know that you will clean and dispose all balloons and framing properly. If you choose an arch, you will need a screwdriver to dismantle the framing and return it to our office in Quedgeley, Gloucester

1-Week Breakdown, £25

This option means that we will come to dismantle, dispose, and collect frames and stands that you would like us to recycle. We can come anytime within 7 days after your event.

Next-Day Breakdown, £45

We can also come the next business day right after your event and break down the structures.

Same-Day Breakdown, £65

We can also come within 3 hours after the event (up to 6:00 PM only). If our schedule permits us, we will try to arrive at the venue as close as the stated end time.

Out-of-Hours Breakdown, £175

If your event ends late in the evening and the venue requires balloons and framing to be gone by morning, we would come back and take care of them. We use this option for clean-ups between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM. It is your responsibility to let us know what time the event will be finished, and/or call us at the end. These details can be added to this form.

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